New Article: Armor Equipment

Armor Equipment – Finding a middle ground between Halo 3 and Reach.

Welcome to! I’ve had this article written for a couple weeks now, but had to delay publishing it so that I could finish building the site. (Also, being the perfectionist that I am it’s taken me this long to finish editing the text and gathering the pictures.)

Before you read it, please skim through the Disclaimer section of my About the Site page. It’s really important to me that you see where I’m coming from as a fan of game design.


Note: This post marks the public unveiling of my site. All previous posts were published while it was still being privately tested (but they also help give the site more content at launch). Feel free to link others here if you like what you see, and be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed!

Bungie Podcast Intro

(I’m still just reposting some of the random Halo stuff I’ve made in the past. Bear with me.)

About a year or so ago, HaloGAF was encouraged to try making an intro song for the Bungie Podcast. I was only a lurker back then, but I decided to try my hand at it anyways:

I doubt this will ever get used, but since it doesn’t reference Halo there’s still a possibility in the future. (Of course, I suspect there won’t be a podcast until the next game is announced, and that might be a while.)

I saved the music as a midi on my keyboard, and recorded the vocals using my laptop’s crappy built-in mic. Mixing was done in Audacity, where after playing with the pitch shifter I learned how easy it is to imitate Sangheili dialogue:

Wide Awake and Physical

First post!

I’ll add some content soon, but for now I just wanted to bring attention to the site’s About section. There you can find an important Disclaimer, the Mission Objective, and a quick note about the Author (me).