Swag Bags, Golden Tickets, and Destiny maps.

I’m pretty happy with the contents of my Bungie Bag O’ Swag:

But seven lucky fans have hit the jackpot: their bags contained a Golden Ticket redeemable for some extraordinary future prize. These tickets contained a URL for the “One in Seven” contest page on Bungie.net, which gives the following description:

“Bungie is having a One of Seven promotion. Each of the seven tickets entitles you to something extraordinary. On July 7th, 2012 and not a moment before, visit http://www.bungie.net/oneofseven to receive further instructions. Your ticket and the verification code contained therein are personal, one-of-a-kind, and not transferable. Do not reveal the hidden code beneath the scratch off before Bungie Day 2012.
Do not share your ticket or code with anyone else. Failure to follow these instructions will render your ticket, and the promise that it holds, null and void.”

So far, only two of the seven tickets have been publicly shown: one through a Swag Bag unboxing video and another through a picture in a Bungie.net forum post. While the winners have smartly obscured their prize codes in the pictures, the art on the back of the ticket is enough to send my imagination running wild:

While we have seen portions of this design before on Bungie’s “See You Starside” post from 7/7/2011, this is the first time we’ve seen seen it bearing the Destiny symbol. It seems to me that the star map is probably Destiny concept art. Curiously, the “See You Starside” and “One in Seven” header images also say “Per Audacia Ad Astra”, a latin phrase previously seen associated only with Bungie Aerospace, not Destiny. It doesn’t seem to be a stretch that Destiny will involve “boldly endeavoring toward the stars” considering the “Be Brave” trademark, but up until now I had simply interpreted it as a message about indie game developers using Bungie Aerospace to make top-quality games.

– On August 2nd, Bungie.net underwent an extensive site redesign, introducing yet another version of what I will now call the “Destiny Map”. This new image is featured very prominently on the front page, while two new designs sit at the top and bottom of every page’s background. By combining the “Destiny Map” from the “See You Starside” post, the “One in Seven” page, and the new Bungie.net frontpage I was able to make this image:

Here is a version of that same composite with the brightness and contrast adjusted:

I was then able to figure out where the “Upper Nebula” and “Lower Nebula” from the Bungie.net background fit into the Destiny Map. The two actually overlap:

Note that the “Lower Nebula” background is actually composed of three separate parts of the Destiny Map. If you compare the final product to the Golden Tickets you can see we almost have the entire map put together:

Are there any clues to glean from this map? Sadly, I think not. But the presentation of the map and the style of the compass give us the same exploratory vibe found in Destiny’s other clues. Hopefully there will be more teases and hints in tomorrow’s Bungie ViDoc, “O Brave New Worlds.”

Dani over at NeoGAF noticed that the bungie.net redesign also brought with it a new job posting on the Careers page: Economy Designer

“Create an economic system that will fulfill a player’s needs just as much as shooting an alien in the face. The Economy Designer at Bungie will develop a robust and rewarding game economy that drives player behavior toward intended goals and validate those systems through intense simulation, testing and iteration. You’ll design the systems and mechanics which drive in-game trade, satisfy the players’ need for possessions and wealth whilst ensuring rewards retain their intended value despite attempts to exploit or grief the system.”

This adds a small amount of credibility to the speculation that Destiny will contain MMO-like qualities. Of course, any Bungie job listings posted may actually pertain to Bungie Aerospace projects, but I feel hiring a dedicated Economy Designer is something that would only be required by a full Bungie game.

All of the above information has been added to my Waiting for Destiny article. If you haven’t checked it recently be sure to read about the possible meaning of the “FWC” logo!

I can’t wait to see what Bungie has in store for the contest winners. While I’m certainly jealous of those lucky seven, I’m still impressed by Bungie’s excellent fan service.

“You know… I’ll bet those Golden Tickets make the chocolate taste terrible anyways.”

See you starside,
– ncsuDuncan

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  1. This is all great work. I kind of love you. Thanks for keeping us all updated and on the edge of our seats. I can’t WAIT to see what’s next from Bungie

  2. Yeah, totally love your work and I love how Bungie is slowly, only very slowly lifting the Kimono!

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