About the Site


This site is named after “Misriah Armory”, the fictional company in Halo that produces the various pistols and rifles used by the UNSC. The site name is also a reference to “Part of the Solution”, a small easter egg from Halo 2 related to the Shotgun.

The Misriah logo on the site background is from the Halo video games; the logo was created by Bungie, while the file used to create the site art was initially made by fan Stephen Loftus. You can find more of his projects here. The header images for this site are screengrabs from the Halo 3 promotional material “Halo: Landfall.”

Misriah Solutions is a non-profit fansite and any copyright infringement is purely accidental. Please contact me if there are any complaints.


I am not a game developer. I’m not trying to pose as one and I do not work in the games industry at all.

I am, however, an engineer and a gaming nerd. I enjoy brainstorming solutions to what I perceive as problems in my favorite video games. Do not mistake my critiques or suggestions as being dismissive or condescending toward the real work that actual game developers do. Those magnificent people are professionals and have logical reasons behind their design decisions.

I’m just a fan that likes discussing game balance and features. I am under no delusions that my opinions are revolutionary or that they will effect any change in a real game’s development. I am a backseat driver in the gaming world; an armchair quarterback when it comes to balancing.