Great work so far, everyone!

If you’re looking for flood coordination and instructions on how to participate, go here:

The page you’re currently on (ARG2) will serve as a record of the latest theories and progress.

Here are the puzzle solutions for each day:


The shapes in the left image are from Ptolemy’s Almagest:


T1B3R1UMB0YXVI over at made a composite image with guesses at the larger circles and placement of each solution image:


The image on the right is a map of the Earth that has been put through some sort of transformation. Each white dot represents an “activated node” on a globe. In this .gif you can briefly make out the shape of the United States, including Florida:


*We need both the left image and the right image to correctly filter out the clues.*

How did this start? user “Alpha Lupi” linked to the ARG in the forums.

Alpha Lupi’s avatar is unique:


Prometheus25 pointed out (in the comments below) that this avatar is the mathematical notation used for fourier transform pairs. (You can see another example here.) Fourier transforms are needed to decipher the output images from Bungie’s ARG.

Alpha Lupi is the brightest star in the southern constellation of Lupus. “Consequently, α Lupi itself is known as 騎官十 (Qí Guān shí, English: the Tenth Star of Imperial Guards.).”

(Imperial Guards makes me think of this image from the “O Brave New World” Vidoc.)

Monday’s solution:


You can read about how reddit found it here.

Tuesday’s solution:

The URL came via a QR code unearthed using a similar fourier transform and filter technique to yesterday’s solution:


If you’d like to know how to do this, freefall722 over at has step-by-step instructions on deciphering the “output.png” and “geomask.png” files.

Wednesday’s solution:


Thursday’s solution:


The current composite, courtesy of Viltre at


7. Only the trusted few…
5. Hope shines brightest in the dark.
4. Together we will take back all that we have lost.
3. Make the City safe again.
2. This is our hope.

Remember, spread the word!


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