The HaloGAF Pre-PAX Pancake Party

Shamelessly ripped from Devin Olsen’s post:

The HaloGAF Pre-PAX Pancake Party – Saturday, 7am at the Athenian Inn

Thanks for the name, Sai-Kun.


  • Devin Olsen
  • goatrope
  • Baily Howatt (friend of Devin’s)
  • Sean P
  • Hypertrooper
  • Hitmonchan107
  • GhaleonEB
  • Captain Blood
  • Eazy B
  • Ramirez
  • ncsuDuncan (and his friend Nate)
  • OuterWorldVoice (maybe)
  • Domino Theory
  • Cocopjojo

Athenian Inn
(9 Minute Walk)

We ate here last year and the food/service was great. They were able to fix up a table big enough for the whole group of us with more then enough room to spare. The proximity to the Convention center is good, the only iffy part is parking. If my memory serves me correctly there is street parking all around it and if all else fails there is pay parking (very cheap) a block away… It’s also nearly walking distance from the convention centre so if you’re without a ride that’s an option. (pretty sure a group of guys walked last year from breakfast and beat me to the panel line-up since I had to deal with parking and what’not)
– Devin Olsen

When?: Tentatively Saturday morning, 7AM.

Up to you guys, the places open at 6:30AM but there is nothing Halo related to line up for until the Bungie: Hatching the Cosmic Halo Egg panel which is at noon… Right now people are suggesting 7AM. So tentatively it’s 7AM

Why?: Because Devin Olsen said so.

If you’d like to be added to the list please PM me (ncsuDuncan) on GAF or just post in the thread. You can also email me at or post a comment below, but please include your GAF name if it isn’t obvious. We’ll use real names in Seattle though. :)

Also wondering about setting up a dinner get together on Saturday, what do you guys think?

Folks interested so far in dinner:

  • Devin Olsen
  • Baily Howatt (friend of Devin’s)
  • goatrope
  • Sean P
  • ncsuDuncan (and his friend Nate)

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