Links – The creators of Halo have moved on to something new, but thankfully Misriah Solutions is not a Halo-exclusive site! I am incredibly excited about Destiny and the possibilities of Bungie Aerospace.

Halo Waypoint – The official home of everything Halo. Tons of news and a growing community run by a lovely group of people.

Halo.Bungie.Org (HBO) – The oldest and best Halo news site on the web; I’ve been reading it religiously since around 2002. The forums are a wonderful place and I highly recommended perusing them.

HaloGAF – A great community, even if joining NeoGAF can be difficult. The higher than average signal to noise ratio makes it one of my favorite places to discuss news related to Halo and Bungie Studios.

Forward Unto Dawn – A really well done Halo fansite with top-notch analysis. One of the biggest inspirations for Misriah Solutions.

The Running Riot – A fantastic video podcast run by my friend Kete. Tons of cool interviews.

GrifballHub – A group of incredibly friendly people who love to play Grifball.

The Age of Gratitude – A touching tribute to the creators of Halo games from the fans. GrimBrotherONE has done an amazing job with this project.

CruelLEGACEY Productions – Nevin puts a lot of work into creating and collecting Halo videos and screenshots.