Picturing Destiny


Have you ever tried to photograph the stars at night? You probably discovered that nighttime photography works best when you slow down your camera’s shutter speed; the longer exposure allows more light to be absorbed and produces a brighter, clearer picture. I try to use the same approach when gathering Destiny news – Bungie has gone dark, but occasionally a few rays of light escape. I had finally gathered enough for another article when a sudden flash, courtesy of an IGN informant, lit up the landscape with the biggest Destiny leak to date. It’s an exciting reveal, but first let’s recap the last six months of news:

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I’m Still Here

I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately, but that doesn’t mean I’ve completely abandoned this site! I’ve just been distracted with HaloGAF.com, where I’ve been busy with HaloGAF Radio (the podcast I produce and co-host), a few art contests, and coverage of PAX and NYCC.

Give me a moment to dust off my keyboard and I’ll post two new articles as soon as I can:

– A roundup of all the Destiny news I’ve collected over the past six months (including IGN’s latest leak).
– A short article on how I feel about Global Ordnance in Halo 4. (Spoiler: I’m not impressed.)

I also want to make more frequent, shorter posts about random game design thoughts I have, so keep an eye out for those as well.


Exhibit 7: The Destiny Contract

Four months have passed since my last Destiny roundup, and for good reason: there hasn’t been much to talk about. While the Bungie.net news feed has been well-stocked with entertaining Ride-along writeups, Mail Sack Q&As, and Breaking In interviews, the studio has been completely silent in regards to Destiny. As such, it comes as a surprise (and a frustrating one at that) to see Bungie’s careful radio silence has been broken not by a deliberate marketing strategy, but by the actions of the California judicial system.

But first, let’s go over the other scraps.

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New Article: Quitting Halo

Quitting Halo – A few ideas on how to keep players in the game.

Fair warning: this is NOT a Destiny-related piece. I’m hoping to finish my next Destiny roundup in the next day or two.

I’d also like to remind people of my disclaimer in the About the Site section. As much as I’d like to be one, I am NOT a game developer and am under no delusions that these ideas are novel or practical.

Enjoy the article!